To fall with Grace

To fall with Grace

Video performance with the support of Flux Laboratory Athens
Cinema Galleggiante – Acque Sconosciute
Venice, Italy


It is with great pleasure that Flux Laboratory Athens supports the new piece titled To Fall With Grace by Athens-based artist Despina Charitonidi. The piece consists of one video and performance in collaboration with Naiads, a synchronized swimming team created by the former Greek national team athletes. It will be presented on the 9th of September as part of the 3rd edition of Floating Cinema – Unknown Waters, the cultural festival that takes place on the waters of the Venetian lagoon.


The work depicts the unseen or seen and overlooked processes and effects of human interventions in the underwater environment. A group of six synchronized swimmers perform outside their “natural” environment and interact with the urban surroundings. The dancers make elaborate moves, through an unnatural choreography, while trying to master their breath control, unable to communicate or coordinate their movement.

The project will be presented on a stage and screen in the waters behind the island of Giudecca, at the end of Rio de Sant’Eufemia. The audience can access and watch the programming either from their own boats or from a platform designed to accommodate spectators without access to a boat


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Concept: Despina Charitonidi 
Curator / Coordinator: Eleni Tsopotou / Stoa42 
Performers: Naiads Synchro (Xenia Sarantidi, Sofia Sarantidi, Valentina Faranturi, Eleftheria Goutzouna, Marily Kokoli Karolidou, Xanthi Melou)
Movement direction: Despina Sanida Krezia
Music: Yiannis Loukos



About Despina Charitonidi


Despina Charitonidi was born in 1991 in Athens. In 2011 she was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome (Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma) where she studied traditional sculpture. In 2013 she transferred her studies to the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, where she completed her degree with a focus on installation and performance. In 2021 she was a fellow at Zku, Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik and was awarded the Westwerk grant from the Ministry of Culture and Media of Hamburg. Charitonidi is a sculptor and performer who works on the notion of intimacy through the lens of industry gradually built around housing, and the ways in which it rearticulates natural elements and resources into structural materials, contemplating on the evolution of processes linked to a past close to nature, into contemporary frenetic rhythms.

Her work has been presented, among others, at the Old Eleusis Oil Mill under the context of Eleusis European Capital of Culture for 2023, in 2018, Symptoms Projects Neon Grands 2021, POSITIONS Art Fair Berlin 2020, Hydra School Projects 2020, Neu Now Online European League of Art Institutes, 2016, at the Centraal Museum of Utrecht in Hoog Catharine, 2015 and at MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, 2013.

With the support of

Flux Laboratory Athens