EXPERIMENT A: Results of the artistic residency 
Presentation of Sin[us]
27 November 2022, 19:30
M54 space,  54 Menandrou Str., 10431

Experiment A began in September 2022 as an inter-disciplinary artistic residency initiative for choreographers and researchers-scientists. Its purpose is to explore the creative collaboration between artistic practice and scientific research through a process-based experience. Kyriaki Nasioula (choreographer, set designer, architect and engineer NTUA) and Maria Karoglou (chemical engineer NTUA) were selected through an open call as the first collaborative duo to work at Flux Laboratory Athens for the period between September 15 - November 15. With their personal methodologies and research interests as a starting point, the two participants searched for a common ground in order for their research to be transformed, ultimately, into a choreographic outcome. Christiana Kazakou, interdisciplinary researcher, curator and program and communication consultant of the international interdisciplinary organization Leonardo/ISAST/ accompanied the process as a mentor.

The project Sin[us] was born through the intensive collaboration between Kyriaki Nasioula and Maria Karoglou. Its kinesiological part will be presented on Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 7.30pm, in the M54 space in Athens, in the context of an encounter open to the public. The five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) act as a source of inspiration and inquiry, taking the shape of a choreographic transit from one element to another. 
Taking physical elements outside the National Technical University of Athens' laboratories, Kyriaki and Maria explore their kinetic, spatial, and sound qualities, which are then transformed into performative movement and pulsating sound. Dramaturgy perceives the body as the universe and the universe as the body.

The performance will be followed by a discussion with the project contributors and theorist Christiana Kazakou on the collaborative processes between artists and scientists. What kind of discourse may be created by different fields of knowledge, and how can it be translated into choreography?  How do we experience a heterogeneous space when we transcend disciplines and find ourselves at the intersection of dance arts and sciences, and how do space and time shape artistic production and hybrid culture?

The residency process has been documented in the form of a film by Gevi Dimitrakopoulou and will be accompanied by a theoretical essay by Christiana Kazakou.

Creation: Maria Karoglou, Kyriaki Nasioula
Performance / Dance: Ioanna Karategou
Sound Composition: Jeph Vanger
Transdisciplinary advisor: Christiana Kazakou
Filming: Gevi Dimitrakopoulou
Curator of the Experiment A program: Chloe Aligianni
Production: Flux Laboratory Athens

Panel discussion with: Chloe Aligianni, Maria Karoglou, Christiana Kazakou, Kyriaki Nasioula

The admission is free. Online reservation is required, please book your seat here