#Rencontre by Ciemulator dance-theater

#Rencontre by Ciemulator dance-theater

Dance, new technologies and society

Hôtel de Ville's courtyard


Flux Laboratory is pleased to collaborate with Ciemulator dance-theater and to present the show #Rencontre on September 24 at l’Hôtel de Ville on the occasion of the Geneva democracy week.

Designed as a walk for an audience, as a story that could be theirs, these duets depict daily life and convey emotions through contact. The film is to be perceived as an attempt to relate to internet users while the show authorizes immersion into an offstage context.
The three parts of the project have in common the physical and theatrical gesture, the story transmitted by the movement, an original music and touching characters. Captivated through all his senses, the viewers are involved in the action and they enable it whether they know the dance or not.

Featuring Rosana Ribeiro, Sabrina Gargano, Erin O'Reilly, Marine Besnard, Alli Smith, Eva Escribano Olmo, Danilo Moroni, Tom Tindall, Jeremy Gras and Marc Gaillard.

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