Choreographer Persa Stamatopoulou in collaboration with Psychotherapist-Drama Therapist, Aristea Arsenopoulou, organize and coordinate a three-day seminar titled “Ekkremeis Ypothesis / Pending Cases”, with the support of Flux Laboratory Athens. 

This experiential workshop focuses on the concept of suspension as a physical and mental element in our lives. Thοse who participate are invited to exlpore and externalize through kinetic improvisation, but also through the techniques of Dramatherapy (writing of stories, role playing, etc.) a) pending issues of the past that immobilize, b) projections into a future that is pending, c) the present that is suspended between the rational and the irrational, as well as the way they experience, internalize and project outward the feeling of suspension that arises from frequent changes and inversions in our lives. 

During the seminar, a core of search and observation of the active body with the levitating reality will be formed, aiming to highlight and manage multiple fields related to it and the way they affect our daily life. The entire process will be divided into two sections with specific instructions provided by the two coordinators, complementing each other and creating a framework of trust and coexistence among the participants. 

The seminar is addressed to professional and amateur dancers and actors, as well as to those who are related to movement and wish to explore this particular field. It is organized in the context of a parallel project of the same name that the Dance Company will implement, and will be sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Location: Flux Laboratory Athens, 12 Geronta Str., Plaka 

Dates & Hours: Friday 9/12, 13.00-16.00, Saturday 10/12, 13.00-16.00, Sunday 11/12, 13.00-17.00 (On the last day, the session will be followed by a discussion)

Cost: Free admission 

Bookings: FULL

With the support of

Flux Laboratory Athens