Looming - Residency program

Looming - Residency program

Looming is a residency program initiated by Flux Laboratory.

Artists with a practice oscillating between visual arts, dance and performance are invited to inhabit the exhibition space of the Flux Laboratory and reimagine it.

Looming offers a time of research, creation and experimentation, but also moments of interaction with the public.

The project does not aim to transform the exhibition space into a black box, but to integrate performing arts as it is in a space that goes beyond theatrical codes. Although perfectly free in their proposals, the residents are invited to consider the constraints of the white cube and to question it. 

The programmed artists share an ambivalence in their practice, opening up new possibilities of convergence between different fields: theatre, art, performance and dance. An indistinct form, not yet here, Looming can refer as much to an already present reality appearing to the eye as to a distant vision.


Looming {loo-ming}
1.    to appear as a vague form

2.    to come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image

3.    a mirage in which objects below the horizon seem to be raised above their true positions. 


Residency 2021
15th november to 29th november - Basile Dinbergs
2nd of December to 15th of December - Ludovic Vial and Eva Lambillon 

Residency 2022
7th of March to 18th of March - Tatiana Baumgartner 
25th of May to 4th of June - Marius Barthaux

To follow the project: @flux_laboratory et @Looming

Project initiated by Megan Orsi and Jean-Marie Fahy within the Fluxum Foundation / Flux Laboratory, platform for dance and performance