Looming – Centre chorégraphique ouvert à tous.x.tes (CHO)

Looming – Centre chorégraphique ouvert à tous.x.tes (CHO)

"Gravity, Inertia, Impulsion"
Residency & immersive installation

Wednesday 19 April 2023, 6:30pm - 9pm

Open to the public
Thursday 20 and Friday 21 April, 12pm - 7pm

Free entrance


From primordial soup to contemporary angers and futuristic imaginaries, Gravity, inertia, impulsion attempts to «thicken the present» through prophetic visions and energetic interactions. Taking the practices of the performers/artists in residency as a starting point, and drawing inspiration from the works of Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia E. Butler, Simone Forti, Dorothy Allison, Anna Tsing and Laura Nsafou, the research will take shape through fictions, images and sounds.

Based on eco-feminist issues and the idea that each dance has a powerful transformative potential, the residency is an opportunity to develop a singular performative piece and to collectively create speculative narratives about desired futures. The working days are built in distinct temporalities: a first one where the guests experiment together with performative dances, based on improvisation, collective composition, animality and impulse, followed by collective moments of reading and writing, and the recording of the imagined and fabricated fictions.

At the end of this first temporality of choreographic explorations and narrative construction, an immersive video-sound installation will be crerated in the space of Flux Laboratory, with a sound piece by Emma Souharce.

With the participation of: Claire Ana Logoz, Deneth Piumakshi Veda Arachchige, Julie Sando, Léa Katharina Meier, Marie Bornand, Myriam Ziehli, Sayaka Mizuno, Salomé Ziehli

Additional information: centre.choregraphique.ouvert@gmail.com


With the support of

Avec le soutien de la Fondation Anne-Marie Schindler et du Service des Affaires culturelles du Canton de Vaud (SERAC)