In residency: Doppleganger collective

In residency: Doppleganger collective

As part of the LOOMING residency programme, Flux Laboratory is pleased to welcome Doppelganger Collective, a transdisciplinary collective, situated at the intersection of art, performance, dance, music and literature.

Through the creation of a performative situation, the collective seeks to break certain common codes of thought and to push the public to reflect on questions of origin and social class. Through the use of simple language, albeit in a complex configuration, they aim to address a broad, multicultural, multilingual and diverse audience.

Their work is divided into chapters that allow them to explore different themes: censorship, identity, duality...

As part of their residency, Doppelganger will develop its fifth chapter around the notion of liminality: the paths that lead to and from it, the collective focuses on this moment, or state, intermediate between one status and another, in order to give shape to the indeterminacy inherent in this in-between.

The residency will be marked by several satellite events, including the collective's participation in the workshops of the Rencontres Professionnelles de danse Genève, as well as the arrival of LapTop radio for an interview with the collective.

Practice sharing workshop
Monday 14 November 2022, from 10am to 12pm
In partnership with the Rencontres Professionnelles de danse Genève with two members of Doppelganger Collective, Mathilde Navarro and David Sentkar.

Location: L'Impasse, rue de Carouge 57bis, 1205 Geneva
To participate: 
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LapTop Radio intervention
Tuesday 15 November 2022, 6pm 

Presentation of work at the end of the residency 
Saturday 19 November 2022, 6pm, free entrance 

Location: Flux Laboratory, rue de la Muse 5, 1205 Geneva