Flux Laboratory will host the artist Basile Dinbergs from 15th of November to 29th of November 2021

Basile Dinbergs inaugurates the Looming residency programme with a continuation of his performance work mixing his studio practice with performative actions. Working in pewter with artisanal casting techniques, the sculptural forms created in the moment join the artist's current research into the possibilities of writing movement. 

A performance will close her two-week residency on Monday 29th of November at 7pm:

A performance linking dance and writing, sign and imprint, inspired by dance notation systems. The latter are taken in reverse: dance as a writing system, the body as a writing machine. A strange and confidential language, such as one would use to help the most precious secrets to slip through time. Basile Dinbergs

Basile Dinbergs was born in 1985. He graduated from HEAD's workmaster in 2018, and lives and works in Geneva. He has been a member of the Ok confiance collective since 2015, and of the itinerant project space since 2019. His work explores sculpture and performance as attempts to set up collective economies.