In Pulse

In Pulse

Immersive and participative installation + live guest artists, continuous performances

Opening at Le Commun and Flux Laboratory

september 28, 2023 from 6pm to 9pm


September 29 to October 22, 2023

Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday 2pm-8pm
Friday and Saturday 2pm-10pm

Created as part of KorSonoR, an exhibition-festival organized by ARTA SPERTO.

The artistic practice of Anne Rochat is centered on her own body, with which she experiments with endurance, resistance and limits, essentially through performance.

In Pulse invites the public to experience an immersive, interactive performance built around the heartbeat of each individual, captured on the body, transformed by a technological and compositional device, amplified and diffused in space. This organic, polyrhythmic sound work can be seen as a nod to György Ligeti's Poème symphonique pour 100 métronomes (1962).

The collective ritual proposed in near-darkness offers a singular situation of living together, of actively listening to the beating of one's own heart and that of those present, creating a kind of organic symphony of rare intensity.

Guest performances

Jessica Aszodi (AU, 1986, based in Berlin)

Francisco Meirino (CH, 1975, based in Lausanne)

Serge Teuscher (CH, 1982, based in Lausanne)

Laurent Bruttin (CH, 1977, based in Berlin)

Billy Demiguel (CH, 1992, Lausanne-based)

Contrechamps (Martina Brodbeck, Hans Egidi, Rada Hadjikostova, Maximilian Haft, Noëlle Reymond)

Olga Kockarova (RU/CH, 1985, based in Geneva)

Ariel Garcia (CH, 1977, based in Lausanne)

Team: Anne Rochat (performer), Laurent Bruttin (composer), Raphael Raccuia (musician), Daniel Zea (musician), Skander Mensi (neuroscientist and engineer), Pierre-Yves Borgeaud (film and video maker), Rachel Morend (artist)

With the support of

Association Fargue Lausanne

Arta Sperto / KorSonoR Genève

Flux Laboratory Genève

Arsenic Lausanne.