FORUM : Meeting around new narrative methods

FORUM : Meeting around new narrative methods


The topics of Forum’s second edition is the new narrative methods. New techniques, tools and mediums are available: those make the way we share content evolve, and question the spectator’s expectations and role itself. The spectator becomes actor of the stories he’s being told. So how do we actually tell stories nowadays? How do traditional media forms apprehend those evolutions?
To what extent do new technologies, virtual reality first and foremost, open up new perspectives for narration? How do artists appreciate those developments, with regards to their art and their spectators?


Lama Serhan : In charge of creation, production, distribution of web programs - ARTE  (
Aurélien Fache : Indepedent Creative Technologist & Digital artist (
Jonathan Moy de Vitry & Thibault Bernard : Studio Right Here / Right Now - VR Productions (
Cassandre Pyrus-Simon : myth_n / Digital Myths  (
Camille de Dieu & Laurent Novac : Studio z-1 (