Experiment A - Residency

Experiment A - Residency

Experiment A is the new residency program for choreographers and scientists-researchers initiated by Flux Laboratory Athens. The purpose of this project is to explore the creative collaboration between artistic practice & scientific research, by encouraging the synthesis of a distinctive blend of research interests and people that leaves room for exchange, dialogue, inspiration and co-creation developing on the fringes of the respective disciplines.

Through the recently launched Open Call, Kyriaki Nasioula (choreographer, dancer, architect) & Maria Karoglou (Chemical Engineer) were selected to collaborate for the period from September 15th until November 15th. Through their personal methodologies and interests they will seek a common ground,  so as to transform their joint research into a choreographic outcome. 

The mission of Flux Laboratory Athens is to function as a unique incubator of synergies that will gradually evolve outside its walls, providing experimentation time and resources.

The residency process will be followed and recorded by transdisciplinary researcher, curator and program engagement specialist for the international organization Leonardo/ISAST, Christiana Kazakou, who will act as a mentor, external observer and connecting link between disciplines.

On the 24th of November, the result of the residency experimentation will be presented in the form of a performance at Flux Laboratory Athens.