Art & Science residencies at Campus Biotech - 2022

Art & Science residencies at Campus Biotech - 2022

Flux Laboratory and Embassy of Foreign Artists are joining forces with Campus Biotech to offer artists the opportunity to apply for research and production residencies for a project related to a proposed theme. The aim of the call is to offer residencies to professional artists from all fields (visual arts, dance, theatre, music, writing, comics, cinema, etc.), whose project is inspired by the cutting-edge research carried out by the partner laboratories active within the Biotech Campus. The residencies encourage exchanges and interactions between scientific and artistic practices, the emergence of new ways of formulating, perceiving and using scientific and artistic research. Through the links between the two fields, they contribute to a better understanding of the respective research areas.

This year, the three selected artists will be hosted by the managers of the Human Neuroscience Platform, the networked technical platform of the Campus Biotech:

Kathleen Heil

My work is rooted in the languages of the moving body, writing and speech. As an artist, my practices as choreographer-dancer-performer and poet-writer-translator do not exist in isolation, even if the connections between them are sometimes mysterious. During my stay in Geneva, in collaboration with researchers at Campus Biotech, I will anchor my research on the links between movement, poetic language and translation in a scientific context by studying how these different modalities are mapped in the brain. The pathways generated by the EEG readings will map the direction of the choreographic impulse; conversations with scientists and research findings will inform the text. A performance from this research, "Cartography", will then be staged. I will also share my practice by giving a workshop on the relationship between movement and text.

Magdalena Stanova

This project relies on knowledge of art and experience with making art, as well as on understanding of current concepts from cognitive sciences. To get the latter part right, I need to discuss my ideas with scientists, my findings and observations will be expressed in a combination of drawings, short texts, and performative ideas. Based on the collected material, I will compose lecture-like events or, as I call it, lecture shows, in which I will both share partial findings and test various experience triggers. The outcome of the residency will serve as a groundwork for a book that will be both an artist's book and an art theory book at the same time. It won't be an art theory from the perspective of an art historian who is categorizing what have been done already, but an art theory from the perspective of an artist that is focusing on a creative process that leads to a new work.

Arnaud Laffond

Grotte is an inner exploration. A journey through this space created during this first confinement and from which I find it difficult to leave. The idea will be to explore these different galleries which will have the aspect of elements found in a cave. During this residency, I would like to study with the researchers of the Campus Biotech, the representations that our brain makes of disturbing events in order to improve the understanding and the possible treatments of these traumas.


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