Art and science: Call for applications - 2022

Art and science: Call for applications - 2022

Art and Science : Exploring scientific issues through art.
Scientific research has always carried with it the greatest hopes and the greatest dangers for mankind. Each great discovery opens the doors to a world of new possibilities that must be evaluated collectively. Yet great ignorance reigns over the issues of science. The debates on the patenting of living organisms, eugenics, risk assessment protocols in relation to applications in the fields of the agri-food, medical and military industries are mostly confined to the scientific press. This absence results in a great mistrust of scientific institutions and generates a more or less rational fear. Is it possible through artistic creation to open the debate and include these issues in the collective consciousness?

Flux Laboratory and The Embassy of Foreign Artists are joining forces with the human neuroscience platform of Campus Biotech to offer artists the opportunity to apply for research and production residencies for a project linked to a proposed theme.

The purpose of the call is to offer residencies to professional artists from all fields (visual arts, dance, theatre, music, writing, comic books, film, etc.), whose project would take inspiration from the cutting-edge research conducted by the partner laboratories active within Campus Biotech.

The goal of these residencies is to promote exchanges and intersections between scientific practices and artistic practices. They are intended to encourage the emergence of new ways of formulating, perceiving and using both scientific and artistic research. Through connections between two fields, they will foster a better understanding of their respective fields of research.

The reflections and exchanges will lead to the creation of new works, or the adaptation of pre - existing works that could be integrated with, or adapted to, the experiments conducted in the laboratories, and/or complement them. The results of each residency will be presented at a public event within Campus Biotech or in a partner institution. They could be the subject of a publication in specialised scientific journals.

Photo credit : 
Spectare project; choreography and dance: Arnaud Bacharach, visual artist: Sophie Le Meillour 


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