Flux Laboratory was founded in 2003 by Cynthia Odier in collaboration with Fluxum Foundation.
FLUX Laboratory SA was established in June 2004.

Based in Geneva and Athens, Flux Laboratory is an experimental, multidisciplinary space which nurtures creative work and reflection through encounters with the world of dance, art, philosophy, music, technology, media and businesses.

Flux Laboratory produces avant-garde contemporary dance creations, artistic performances as well as visual arts and design exhibitions.

Flux Laboratory shares the missions and objectives of Fluxum Foundation.

Since 2013, Flux Laboratory has taken on a nomadic dimension with Flux Box, a roaming concept space which, in addition to presenting the Flux Laboratory and Fluxum Foundation archives, develops performances and projects related to its host venues.


Flux Laboratory's primary inspiration is the motion of the world and of all those in it who dare to roam - Nicolas Musin

Flux Laboratory lives by motion. That of time, of creatures, of dreams, of intuitions. The shifting world is like dance, the popular art form that coincides perfectly with a contemporary ideal.  

An artistic dimension for each and every project
Talent from diverse disciplines mustered and matched
Value shared among those who helped create it

Flux (flʌks), n. (from Latin fluxus, past participle of fluere, to flow) fluid; unstable; inconstant; changing. Lines of force surrounding a magnet or a magnetized particle in motion. Amount of energy in flow. Liquid state due to heat; fusion. Action of flowing; continuous motion, as of a stream flowing by; Constant series; change. To put into a particular state by means of a flux. Great abundance of people or things in uninterrupted succession. A flux of words.  

Laboratory, n.; pl.{Laboratories}. (from Old French Elaboratoire, French Laboratoire) Working room of a chemist; any place where a team works on the making of sthg. 

Missions & objectives

Flux Laboratory nurtures dialog between dance and all of the other arts by creating experimental projects at both its permanent locations and off-site. Flux Laboratory gives shape to innovative ideas through collections of events that establish connections between thinkers, artists and major economic players.

Art is a tool for reflection, reinvention, reinterpretation and questioning: Flux Laboratory's aim is to react swiftly to the questions being posed by today's world, whether political, economic or ideological.

Since its creation, Flux Laboratory has collaborated with a wide range of companies, thereby focusing its interest at the point where the worlds of art and business meet. Through creating and financing artistic projects and making its facilities available, Flux Laboratory offers companies the chance to determine through their own experiments the extent to which culture can stimulate innovation.