Lausanne dance company SAN.TooR was created in 2016 by Ilario Santoro, who is committed to creating pieces with a real fusion of dance, music and scenography. His distinctive feature? His sense of "groove" and the wide array of feelings he can communicate to the public. And his deepest wish? To think of choreography as an invitation to travel, through dance. To make the audience dance and bring them to his universe.

From June 12th to 16th, the company will work at Flux Laboratory to develop their new project "moi”, a reflection on the topic of thoughts. How can we overcome our thoughts, let loose, to simply enjoy the present moment?...

The creation is split into three distinct parts:  On a quiet, atmospheric track, the first part begins with minimal movement, slowly, with a low angle light that reveals a non-identifiable form.

The second part gradually takes up more space, the music becomes more rhythmic, and the light slowly reveals two bodies intertwined, one trying to get away from the other’s grip.

The third part symbolises liberation, the body breaks into an energetic dance taking over the entire space, following an upbeat music whose rhythm leads the body into a release process, to reach a climax of final energy.

Choreographer: Ilario Santoro

Dancers: Léa Deschaintres & Ilario Santoro
Music: Charles Mugel

Lights: Pablo Weber Fernàndez
Costumes: Ilario Santoro