"Regards Tissés sur Tokyo" Exhibition - Aurélie Mathigot - Milan

"Regards Tissés sur Tokyo" Exhibition - Aurélie Mathigot - Milan

The Flux Laboratory is pleased to present the exhibition " Regards tissés sur Tokyo", in collaboration with Mia Photo Fair Milan, in the spaces dedicated to photography at Bocconi University, from 30 January to 12 March 2018.

Textile as a language can be used to create a link between artistic processes such as photography and volumes in yarns.

Observing, wandering in a city like Tokyo, is to offer our emotional perceptions new sensations where our eye rejoices in each image that it appropriates.

For Aurélie Mathigot, forging a link with a place means covering her photographs with threads to intensify areas of the image like a trompe-l' oeil of our visual perception.

It is to increase the sensation of touch, to produce a form of simulacrum in the representation of our daily life.