Men’s Day – Performance by Compagnie Caminante

Men’s Day – Performance by Compagnie Caminante


Was it necessary to play to be a man? Was it necessary to re-transform into a woman?

Rewarded last year by the Special Jury Prize in the "Shake ... Shake ... Shake! ", The Spanish company Caminante, located in Brussels and Paris, presents its new creation" Men's Day ". This choreography explores the influence of gender on the interactions between person and society.

Why in a given situation does one seem to give more credit to a man than to a woman? By playing masculine and feminine appearances, the performers test what changes in the viewer's perception but also in the relation to oneself and to the world. A stronger posture, more relaxed gestures, more comfortable clothes, create a different state of mind.

More direct, more simple, more comfortable.

In Men's Day, Compagnie Caminante discovers, develops and plays with the differences between the movements of men and women. They start from daily gestures to dance, then from dance to everyday gestures, taking inspiration from normal, banal situations, publicity or the social imagination.

RSVP : before June 13, 2017

Limited seating.

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