Exhibition Holy Synthetic Meteor

Exhibition Holy Synthetic Meteor

Opening: June 16th as of 6 pm

Exhibition: June 16th - 22nd

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (except week-end)

The artist duo formed by Camille de Dieu and Laurent Novac from Studio Z-1 (http://studioz1.com) will expose their installation “Holy Synthetic Meteor” (H.S.M. – 2016): 

HSM consists of natural and synthetic forms and elements.
HSM traverses different states in matter.
HSM is strong and indeformable.
HSM is absolute, it does not depend on anything.

"Holy Synthetic Meteor" is a visit onto a meteor. A meteor made of different materials that can be natural or synthetic.
On H.S.M. you can find lakes made of aluminium, ponds made of plastic or even mountains with sparkles of gold into the snow.

The exhibition will introduce the topic of FORUM’s second edition: meeting around new narrative methods (link). The opportunity for both artists from studio Z-1 to introduce us to their creative process and scenography as a key element of their narrative form, where the spectator-actor is immerged in a physical space.