DADA 2016 - Au Revoir Sophie

DADA 2016 - Au Revoir Sophie

Au Revoir Sophie is an artistic action by Flux Laboratory on the occasion of DADA's centenial.


Sophie Taeuber-Arp is a female artistic figure of the 20th century. Since 1995, her portrait appears on 50 Swiss francs banknote, honoring her prominent role in the DADA movement.


Coincidences may raise poetic projects: 2016 marks the hundredth anniversary of the DADA movement but also the replacement of the 50 franc note, decorated with Sophie's portrait, in April 2016.


On the occasion of the celebration DADA100, Flux Laboratory offers 50 devaluated banknotes of 50 francs, with the complicity of the Commission of Fine Arts of the Swiss National Bank. Each note will be issued with its certificate of authenticity.


The action Au Revoir Sophie raises several questions:

-These 50 devaluated banknotes, acquire a symbolic value, and question the price of a work of art.

-Culture as an essential enrichment: The distribution of these tickets will happen randomly to the spectators who will come to feed themselves culturally at the DADA100 events.

-Finally, this action highlights the involvement of a Swiss institution for the centennial celebration of DADA, making her enter the history of the movement.