Caminante Company: Shooting of the Men's day performance

Caminante Company: Shooting of the Men's day performance


Flux Laboratory is pleased to welcome for the second consecutive year the belgian dance company Caminante, to co-produce a trailer for their performance Men's Day.

Was it necessary to dress up as men? Was it necessary to re-transform into women? This choreography explores the influence of gender on interactions between people and society.

Why is it that in certain given situations men are given more credit than women?
By playing with and between male and female appearances, the performers evaluate what can have an impact on the viewer’s perception, but also on the performers’ own relation to themselves and their environment.
Stronger postures, more carefree gestures, comfier clothes, etc. induce a different state of mind.

More direct, simpler, more composed.

In Men's Day, Compagnie Caminante investigates, develops and plays with differences between men and women’s movements. They start from daily customary gestures, moving to dance moves, and then back from dance to everyday gestures, drawing their inspiration from ordinary situations, advertising or our collective imaginary.

RSVP : - Limited seating

Choregraphy: Maria Montero
Dancers: Ana Paula Gusmao, Manuel Garmez Banderilla, Antonio Diego de Lozoya, Maria Montero
Choregraphy assistant: Nicola Vacca 
Sound: "Murmurations" Chester Hawkings, extrait en tretien Dustin Hofmann et "Violent end for a lost friend" Pang
Photography and video: Mael Lagadec, Boris Van Lierde et Nicola Vacca
Costumes: Antonio Castro